KGW Radio Spots

If you have any questions or concerns, or are having trouble accessing our spots, please contact:

Randy Cobb
503-226-5104 (phone)

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Radio Partnership
05 Sunrise News Weather traffic 2018.mp305 Sunrise News Weather traffic 2018.mp3
05 Sunrise Plan Your Day 2018.mp305 Sunrise Plan Your Day 2018.mp3
05 Sunrise Today 2018.mp305 Sunrise Today 2018.mp3
05 Sunrise Good mornings 2018.mp305 Sunrise Good mornings 2018.mp3
05 Sunrise wx traffic experts 2018.mp305 Sunrise wx traffic experts 2018.mp3
15 Sunrise Good Mornings 2018.mp315 Sunrise Good Mornings 2018.mp3
15 Sunrise Good To Know 2018.mp315 Sunrise Good To Know 2018.mp3
15 Sunrise Fun.mp315 Sunrise Fun.mp3
15 Sunrise Today.mp315 Sunrise Today image 2018.mp3
05 KGW News App-New.mp305 KGW News App-New.mp3
15 KGW News App-New.mp315 KGW News App-New.mp3
15 Sunrise Community.mp315 Sunrise Community.mp3
05 KGW News app-breaking news v2.mp305 KGW News app-breaking news v2.mp3
15 Fall Weather.mp315 Fall Weather.mp3
airs starting 11/14
airs 11/22